Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin was a sprawling and continuous project, that involved working with the company’s Corporate Communications team to produce and manage content; schedule and implementing content; design and development web pages; track and analyze content date; and liaising with clients.

Content was curated and scheduled for eight different market division landing pages using a content curation software; content continuously updated in Parker’s marketing platform; and then made live for user interaction.

Social media was scheduled monthly, and unique IDs were given to each piece of content for click-tracking. Content was published on multiple social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Graphics to accompany content was also created on an as-needed basis.

Taking the new and approved content, adding it to the content curation software, and then manually updating these landing pages proved to be redundant and time-consuming. I was able to solve this problem by redesigning the landing pages to use the curation software’s API links. This way, any content added to the archive updates to the landing pages in real time. An example of this landing page redesign can be seen here.

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